my name is Melina and I live and work in Vienna,Austria.I started About That Food in December of 2015,wanting to share my creations with like-minded people and possibly inspire some of them.About That Food focuses on natural and seasonal "Plant Food" with a little twist. Having always been someone who enjoys creating things,cooking and photography are both a very natural creative outlet for me.Building this blog was a way to marry the two.

In 2010 I moved to the UK to pursue a career as a fashion stylist.However,I ended up packing my bags again a few years later to return to my home in Vienna,Austria.It was around that time I learned more about how the way we eat negatively impacts the environment and about thedevastatingeffects factory farming has on the animals and our planet.Soon,my perspective around food started to shift,and I adopted a natural plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Cooking had always been a great love of mine,but after changing my diet,it quickly became even more than that.I started experimenting and creating my own recipes,which eventually led to me starting About That Food.Now,a few years later,alongside photography and food styling,it has become my full-time job,and I couldn't be more happy about the path I choose.



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