White Cauliflower Lasagna

This Lasagna is,and I can't actually believe it,the first Lasagna recipe I have ever posted on this blog.I did create a butternut squash lasagna ages ago for an Austrian magazine called LOLA,and I might have to reshare that at some point.Because it's delicious and I don't want to keep it from you.For now,let's dive into this delicious White Cauliflower Lasagna!

This White Cauliflower Lasagna is honestly everything I ever wanted from a Lasagna recipe.It is super easy and quick to make and it only uses very few ingredients.Which makes it perfect for a last minute dinner,because you might have most of the ingredients in your pantry already.It basically consists of some béchamel mixed with sauteed onion and sage,some lasagna sheets and cauliflower.That's it,people.On top of everything,it just looks and smells heavenly,in fact as I am typing this my studio still smells like it.

It also a great meal for the freezer or to make a day ahead and then just bake it right before you want to serve it.So in case you're doing some kind of meal prep or like to have some ready-made food in the fridge,this recipe is perfect for you!


White Cauliflower Lasagna

  • Preperation Time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 20 minutes
  • Servings: 4-5


  • For the Béchamel:
  • 6 tbsp olive oil
  • 1L of soy or oat milk
  • 6 tbsp of all purpose flour
  • 4 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • some freshly ground pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 large white onion
  • 20g of fresh sage
  • 1kg of cauliflower
  • about 15 lasagna sheets
  • 2 tbsp of almonds


  1. Start by making the Béchamel sauce.In a large pan heat the oil on medium/high heat.
  2. Once the oil is sizzling hot (you can test it by adding a few sprinkles of water to the pan) add the flour and whisk until it turns into a smooth paste.
  3. Next add the plant based milk,a little bit at a time and whisk until everything is well combined.
  4. Once the sauce starts to thicken add the salt,nutritional yeast and pepper.Then set the sauce aside.
  5. Next chop you onion and half of the sage and sautée together until translucent.Then stir into the Béchamel.
  6. Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  7. Remove the stems from your cauliflower and wash it well and cut it into little thin slices (about 5mm thick).
  8. Cover the bottom of an oven proof form with a thin layer of Béchamel.Then top with a layer of lasagna sheets,place a layer of cauliflower on top and the cover with 1/3 of the remaining Béchamel.Add 2 more  layers of lasagna sheets,cauliflower and Béchamel,ending with a layer of Béchamel.Sprinkle a little bit of olive oil on top on the bake in the oven for 20 minutes.
  9. In the meantime fry the rest of your sage in a skillet until crispy and toast and chop the almonds.
  10. Once the lasagna is ready sprinkle with crispy sage and almonds and serve right away.
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